ExoticFX Trust: Credit Default Swap Clearing


ExoticFX Trust is a limited purpose trust company that serves as a central clearing facility.

Membership in ExoticFX Trust is open to institutions that meet objective financial and eligibility standards.

As a Panama Company and a member of the Several North American & European Clearing institutions and Systems, ExoticFX Trust is subject to direct and indirect regulation and supervision.

Subject to compliance with certain conditions, being an offshore Trust, and operating offshoe, ExoticFX Trust operates under an exemption from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Other Clearing Corporation provide ExoticFX Trust with certain support services, including clearing, risk management and technology services.


ExoticFX Trust establishes a daily settlement price for all cleared instruments, using a pricing process developed specifically for the market by ExoticFX Trust. ExoticFX Trust clearing participants are required to submit prExoticFXs on a daily basis. ExoticFX Trust conducts an auction process daily which results in periodic trade executions between its clearing participants. This process determines the daily settlement prExoticFXs, which are validated by the ExoticFX Trust Chief Risk OffExoticFXr and used for the daily mark-to-market valuations.

Our History

In the late 2000's, our clients began to develop business interests outside the North America. Therefore, in 2009, Kash Mart International opened a Panama office of ExoticFX, making us the first Global Offshore FX & Commodities - financial company from Panama.

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Contact Information

Currently, these are Exotic Mart's International offices contact details. Below are some of the various countries we operate.

Global Head Quarters
4 Cedar Street
Accra, Ghana

P O Box: AT 2420, Achimota Accra

Phone: +1 (866) 607-7226