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eWallet Features Overview

Welcome to the world of amazing possibilities!
ExoticFX is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet.
Unique features available for ExoticFX account holders:

Low commissions, starting from 0%

Depositing funds to your ExoticFX account by wire transfer costs 0%. Internal transfers between members incur a fee of just 0.5%!

Please see the Service Fees page for more information.

Flexible depositing and withdrawal options

You can easily exchange your real or electronic money for ExoticFX and vice versa. Please note the currently available convenient methods to deposit to and withdraw from an ExoticFX account: Bank Wire, E-currency, Certified Exchange Partners. More depositing and withdrawal options are on the way!

Any unused funds can be withdrawn from an ExoticFX account at any time by means of the tools used for depositing.

Learn more about moving money to or from your ExoticFX account.

Instant and secure money transfers

With ExoticFX you can make and receive payments without disclosing any extra personal financial information. ExoticFX financial service enables users to make instant payments and execute money transfers securely over the Internet. Money transfers are instantaneous; all a member needs to know is the other member's e-mail address registered with their ExoticFX account.

Transfer money to any Internet user by email

Any ExoticFX account holder can easily transfer money to anyone with an email address. The recipient is invited to follow a link in the email to open an ExoticFX account and get their money in seconds flat!

The recipient can then move the money from ExoticFX to his/her bank account, make payments on the internet or do anything that an ExoticFX user can do.

Learn more about sending and receiving money with ExoticFX.

Easily exchange different e-currencies

We provide our users with an automated service of electronic currency exchange. This service is easy to use, secure, fast and efficient, has competitive rates and gives our users a quick, easy and, most importantly, safe method to buy, sell and exchange their e-currency.

Receive business-related Internet payments

ExoticFX can serve as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as a cheque or money order. ExoticFX is an example of payment intermediary service that facilitates worldwide e-commerce. ExoticFX performs payment processing for online vendors, auction sites and other commercial users, charging a very small service fee.

Make regular payments over the Internet

ExoticFX customers can automatically make repetitive payments by setting up a recurring operation in their ExoticFX account interface. You can make scheduled payments at your own convenience: every day, week, month, etc.

Get rid of routine, easily arrange multiple payments

Mass Payment allows anyone with an ExoticFX account to make multiple payments instantly, thus saving time, money and the hassle of having to individually send funds to every recipient.

Mass Payment can be used for such things as: affiliate commissions, customer rebates, pay-to-surf rewards, employee benefits, survey incentives, etc.

Learn more how Mass Payment can expedite your business all around the world.

Get monthly interest on electronic funds

If you want to make the most of your ExoticFX balance and get a regular income from the interest you earn on it, then a special savings account is for you. Just use the appropriate links in your ExoticFX profile to open an additional savings account. Please note that you can withdraw money from a savings account whenever you want.

Your money will work for you even when you are resting.

Make payment for goods and services in Internet shops

Purchase products or services on the Internet. With ExoticFX, shopping in virtual online stores is really simple, as is purchasing products or services in frequented shopping centres.

Check out the fast-growing list of online shops that already accept ExoticFX e-currency for their goods and services.

Buy/sell EUR, USD, GBP and other currencies online

ExoticFX provides a complete range of foreign exchange options and offerings. Perform real-time currency conversions and exchange calculations inside your account.

When you place an order in your account, you will be given the full details of the transaction, i.e. exchange rate, commission, volumes and total in the default currency of your account.

The exchange rates are mid-market rates from trusted sources, they are updated at least once a day.

Easy, customized Shop Systems integration

Add ExoticFX as a payment option on your web site! We have various types of API/SCI (Application Program Interface/Shopping Cart Interface) functionality.

Detailed information on implementing Shop Systems integration and other programming aspects is readily available in the Developers section on the ExoticFX web site.

A single contract giving you access to all payment options

The ExoticFX payment solution is a direct payment gateway which allows you to accept various types of e-money payments in your online store in addition to conventional money movement by instant bank transfers.

Start now and receive payments reliably and cost-effectively from all around the world!